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The Art of Leading Collectively 20 - 23 June 2023 (ALC_2023-June)


Targeted audience: Project managers, leaders, and change agents from: development agencies, public sector, civil society organizations, university and research, corporations, small and medium sized companies, foundations and unions.

Requirements: None

Course type: Course with in-person presence (Germany, Berlin area) and certification

Length: 4 days: 20, 21, 22, 23 June 2023

Language: English

Navigating Complex Change for Collective Action

Are you starting a complex cooperation project, or are you in the midst of one you want to improve?

Do you need to shift the mind-set of stakeholders toward collaboration, or to find new ways to overcome challenges?

Do you need to arrive at tangible outcomes in a short time frame?

This course will help you to implement more outcome oriented and constructive co-creation on a day-to-day basis for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your change initiative with diverse stakeholders. It equips dedicated change makers in public, private, and civil society organisations with a tool for better co-creation. The dimensions of collective leadership can be learned and enhanced - individually and collectively.

Key take aways

• Assess where you are, define what is present and what is missing.
• Understand the business case for co-creative stakeholder engagement
• Map the path, adjust strategies, and know what to shift, to strengthen, or to focus on.
• Convince colleagues and partners that leading collectively will ease the management of complex change.
• Take the content of the book ‘The Art of Leading Collectively’ into the practice of outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation.

Tuition Fee
€ 1,900

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Contact person
Martin Fielko
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  • Trip Preparation Guide
  • 20 Jun: Explore Aliveness; Recognize your Strengths with the CL Compass
  • Agenda Day 1
  • 21 Jun: Leadership Journey; Activate your Strengths for Leading Collectively
  • Agenda Day 2
  • 22 Jun: Build Momentum for Collective Leadership; Improve Collaboration
  • Agenda Day 3
  • 23 Jun: Building Blocks for Collaborative Success; Driving the Future Together
  • Agenda Day 4
  • Follow-Up & Documentation
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Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "CERTIFICATION AFTER THE COURSE"