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The Art of Transformative Change 8 - 13 Dez (ATC_2022-Dez)


👥 Targeted audience: Project managers, leaders, and change agents from: development agencies, public sector, civil society organizations, university and research, corporations, small and medium sized companies, foundations and unions.

📃 Requirements: Experience as a network coordinator or participation in The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration or The Art of Leading Collectively

📚 Course type: Course with online presence and certification

⏱ Length: 4 days: 8, 9, 12, 13 December (Central European Time CET) 2022

💬 Language: English

Stewarding Networks for Systems Impact
  • Do you need to build large cross-institutional or international networks to drive transformative change?
  • Do you need to diagnose complex systems of actors and identify entry points for change?
  • Do you need to design a “Theory of Change” that captures multi-level interventions?
    If so, The Art of Transformative Change course module will help you to design and implement strategies for impactful networks of change-makers and future-oriented organizations. It equips dedicated change stewards in public, private, and civil society organisations with tools for driving systems change in networks. Understanding the collaboration catalysts and transformation enablers will help you stewarding collaborative networks for systems impact.

    Key take aways

  • Diagnose your system of actors and identify entry points for transformation
  • Define key action steps to set up a thriving network of actors
  • Develop your network journey for strategizing transformative change around the six transformation enablers for sustainability
  • Use the collaboration catalysts to track your progress and adjust your strategies
  • Apply learned methodologies to your real case during the course
  • Use the © Collective Leadership Compass to develop a transformative “Theory of Change”

    Tuition Fee
    € 1,400

    Associated programmes
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    The Art of Leading Collectively

    The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration

    The Art of Process Facilitation

    Contact person
    Martin Fielko
    Picture of Martin Fielko

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  • Content
    • Click here to start the course: Guides and Pre-Readings
    • Course overview
    • Course pre-reading
    • Pre-Workshop Survey
    • Optional preparation: Your individual collective leadership assessment
    • 8 Dec: Transformative Change vs other types of change
    • Zoom link & materials Day 1
    • 9 Dec: The CL Compass as a tool to analyze your large system context
    • Zoom link & materials Day 2
    • 12 Dec: The Dialogic Change Model as process guidance to build networks
    • Zoom link & materials Day 3
    • 13 Dec: Theories of Change as key tool to handle Transformative Change
    • Zoom link & materials Day 4
    • Feedback Survey
    • Follow-Up & Documentation
    • Follow-Up
    Completion rules
    • You must complete the units "CERTIFICATION AFTER THE COURSE"